The Company

Scoville & Company is a product development company that creates and recruits innovative healthcare products with the goal of making medicine more manageable in the home. Founded in 2014, Scoville & Company addresses gaps in modern healthcare through unique and inventive devices that solve common problems home caregivers face. With a focus in pediatric and geriatric care, Scoville & Company products provide for easier, smarter ways to give a higher level of care to your loved ones. If you want to learn more about us, have a home health problem that you think we should tackle, or have a product idea that fits within our focus, please contact us.

The Team

Agnes Scoville MD

A practicing Emergency Room physician, Agnes did her medical training through a joint program between Dartmouth and Brown Medical Schools. After residency, Agnes spent five years in the US Navy including nine months stationed with the Marine Corp in Iraq. She leads the innovation, invention, and marketing side of Scoville & Company.

Anson Scoville

With a background in finance and accounting, Anson has managed the financial and operational aspects of a variety of companies ranging from sole proprietors to high growth startups to multi-million dollar international corporations. He is a Certified Management Accountant, holds a Masters Degree in Accounting and leads the financial and operational side of Scoville & Company.

The Products

Pacidose is a soft, supple nipple that feels exactly like your baby’s regular pacifier, with one important difference: you can medicate through it. It attaches to any standard oral syringe so you can measure liquid medicine accurately. The narrow channel delivers liquid to the back of the tongue where there are fewer tastebuds. Even babies that don’t use pacifiers take Pacidose better than a bare oral syringe. Your child gets the right dose without a fuss.

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